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Grundfos introduces industrial production of microchips in Denmark
Grundfos recently produced the first chip for micro sensors in the production facilities for semiconductors set up at Farum (Copenhagen) one and a half year ago as the first production facilities for semiconductors in Denmark.
Group Chairman Niels Due Jensen honoured in Poland
Polish President, Aleksander Kwasniewski, today decorated Grundfos Group Chairman, Niels Due Jensen, with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merits of the Republic of Poland.
Grundfos acquires Brazilian pump manufacturing company
With effect from 1 January 2003 the Grundfos Group has acquired the renowned Brazilian pump manufacturing company Mark Peerless SA, which will in the future carry the name Mark Pumps Ltda.
Increased earnings to ensure new growth
Increased earnings to ensure new growth
Key figures 2002 - Foresight paid off for Grundfos
A growth in turnover of 5 per cent in 2002 is less than what Grundfos has achieved in recent years.
Grundfos in Denmark - a top ten company to work for in Europe
In the European edition of the American business journal, Fortune Magazine, Grundfos in Denmark has been selected as one of Ten Great Places to Work For in Europe.
Grundfos awarded for the best environmental report
The Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants and the Børsen newspaper awarded Grundfos the diploma of the best environmental report of 2002.
Grundfos helps to clear up the water
The dramatic floods in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in August took a number of lives and made thousands homeless, while the material damage is provisionally estimated to cost at least DKK 80 billion.
Social responsibility takes many forms
It’s nothing new for Grundfos to demonstrate responsibility. Many companies in the group already have a tradition of supporting the local communities of which they are a part. And many Grundfos employees all over the world enjoy the benefits of various schemes that make their daily lives easier.
Changes in Group Management
Following the retirement of Grundfos Group President, Niels Due Jensen, and Vice Group President, Poul Vesterbæk, which will take place according to Grundfos policies by the end of this year, new Group President will be present Group Exec. Vice President, Jens Jørgen Madsen, and new Vice Group President will be present Group Exec. Vice President, Carsten Bjerg.