Full control on the move with Grundfos GO

Full control on the move with Grundfos GO
GO mobile

The Grundfos GO mobile interface is the most comprehensive platform for mobile pump control you can find. Combine pump control, live monitoring and more in one intuitive mobile application. Let’s GO!

With Grundfos GO you can monitor one or more pumps, change settings, collect data and make reports. A user-friendly interface provides you with all the information and help you need, as well as live pump data monitoring, and easy-to-follow tips and guides.

Full integration saves time
Need to find documentation? Grundfos GO can do that as well, while also providing full integration with Grundfos’ online sizing and replacement tools – 24-hours-a-day. Paperless reporting with a built-in PDF generator and descriptive alarm logs also help pump professionals save time on installation, configuration, data collection and trouble-shooting.

Instant compatibility

Grundfos GO is backwards compatible with a wide-range of Grundfos products.

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