Mission Energy is nearly accomplished


Mission Energy is nearly accomplished

An energy awareness campaign on national, Indian television is reaching its finale. Grundfos has played a critical role throughout the course of this campaign, and will continue at the close.

Through the past five months, NDTV, one of India’s largest television network and Grundfos have partnered to highlight the increasing need of conserving energy and using it efficiently. This is an issue of critical importance in India, where the demand for energy is continuously on the rise.

During the campaign, Grundfos has been closely involved with NDTV to ensure that the energy efficiency messages were disseminated to the nation successfully:

“We have successfully raised the awareness for the need of energy efficiency in India, run a challenge with 100 participants, a month-long online contest and promoted it through various stories aired on the NDTV channels and other platforms like Twitter and Facebook,” says Mahathi Parashuram, Head of Public Affairs at Grundfos India.

The campaign’s finale will be marked on 5 June in New Delhi, where a wide range of stakeholders, including government officials, industry associations and representatives from NGO’s will be present for a live-aired webcast with panel discussions. Here, Grundfos will play an important part with contributions from Ranganath N.K., Managing Director of Grundfos India and Jørgen Bjelskou, Group Public Affairs Director.